It seems that iPhone 5S is reaching consumers with greater speed than the iPhone 5, released last year. The same happens with the Air iPad, if we compare the figures for use with the iPad during the same time period after its launch.




  • Data come from the company Fiksu, which has monitored the type of devices used with your applications, so it isn’t an official, but serves as a sample to get statistical data on the emergence of the new Apple phones.
  • The percentage of Air iPad use recorded by this company amounted to 2.62 percent, 27 days after its release. In this same period, the quota of 4 iPad, his immediate predecessor, was only 0.82 percent.
  • Regarding the iPhone 5S, the percentage of use 68 days after its release was of 7.66 percent against 6.28 percent of iPhone 5 at the same time after its launch a year ago.
  • These figures fit with previous information related to the increased demand and production of the iPhone 5S. The Wall Stree journal recently reported that Foxconn is frabricando 500,000 units of iPhone 5S per day, a rate higher than any other ‘smartphone’ Apple.

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